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Religious Education


We are a Catholic school and we are committed to the Catholic Faith.   As such we respect, recognise and value each individual as special and unique in the image and likeness of God.   RE at St Mary’s respects each child’s capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality as we support them to aspire to not have more but to be more.

Our Religious Education curriculum uses the Come and See programme where our children are taught about God’s love.  They learn about their responsibilities as Christians, are provided with experiences of church and of Catholic and Christian traditions.  Through explicit and implicit teaching, the children are taught to be respectful and understanding of people and traditions from other faith backgrounds. 

Through RE our children learn about their unique place within the home, school and parish community.


St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School as a Catholic School aims to provide an experience of a loving, worshipping community, based on the Gospel values where each individual is helped to grow into the full life of the Church.

The Diocese has an agreed syllabus called “Come and See” and this is followed by the school. This is a well thought out explanation of the faith which enables the children to live out their faith in day to day situations. Parents are strongly encouraged to play an active part in the religious education of their children. Close links are established between the priest of the parish, the staff and the children through regular visits to the school from the priest and through School Masses held on a regular basis in the Church.

Our Catholic Community

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School is a Catholic school. We believe that the education of our young people has three components:

The family—all that you do at home with your child, from birth onwards shapes who your child becomes. It’s not just formal work/homework, but all the interactions you have: the way you speak, the days out you enjoy as families, the example you set as parents.

The parish—each one of us is part of a wider community. The involvement of the church and parish is vital if our young people are to develop as fully rounded adults.

The school—the school provides the education set out in statute and national guidance, but more importantly works in partnership with parents and the parish to help young people reach their full potential as human beings made in the image of God.

It is important that the three components are balanced. If one aspect is diminished or missing from the child’s education, then it will be more difficult to provide a broad, meaningful educational experience.

When your child joins our school community, you also become part of our wider school and parish community. Please feel free to play as full a part as possible in the life of the school and the parish—. Regular Mass attendance with your children is a good way of cementing the bonds between families, the school and the parish.

Each child is unique—they all have different talents, skills and characteristics. They also come from a wide variety of backgrounds which have helped to shape and form them before they ever arrived at St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School.

Parents too are different, and have a spread of opinions on a diverse range of issues from bedtime routines to inappropriate behaviour; discipline to dinners.

As a Catholic community we know that the world we live in is imperfect and from time to time we may have to deal with situations that arise in this imperfect world. There may be conflicts between children; there may be conflicts between parents. Please allow us to resolve conflicts for the good of all concerned in accordance with our policies and values.

At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School we encourage all children to remain faithful to the Gospel values in their words and actions towards others. We know that children who are truthful, tolerant, respectful and forgiving of others develop good social skills that are vital for life. We help the children to celebrate their achievements and those of others, humbly acknowledging the help and support given by coaches, teachers and friends. We want our children to be dignified winners and gracious losers, on the sports field or in the classroom. We also emphasise that we should try our best, not just for ourselves and our families but in service of the wider community, at home and abroad. British Values

British values

St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School embraces British Values of:

  • Tolerance
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Democracy
  • Mutual Respect.

We understand that Britain is a vibrant, multi-faith, multi-cultural society and this is reflected in our community here at St Mary's. The children in our school come from a wide variety of socio-economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds, but the school has the same high expectations for every child irrespective of their ethnicity, culture or religious beliefs.

We believe that the promotion of British Values is consistent with our Christian Gospel Values—Christ compels us to treat all those we meet with love, compassion and respect.

The school actively promotes a sense of our shared British cultural identity—the following are just a few examples:

  • Celebrate and mark St George’s Day
  • Mark Armistice Day each November with collective worship and timed silence
  • Celebrate and mark important events in the life of the nation and the monarchy—The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee
  • Promote the activities of the elected School Council.