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Who's Who




Mrs V McBrown 


Mrs M Smith

 Deputy Headteacher 

Miss S England

Year Reception Teacher

Mrs S Smith Year 1 Teacher
Mrs A Abraham Year 2 Teacher
Miss A Stephens Year 3 Teacher
Miss E Beauchamp Year 4 Teacher 
Mrs N Nixon Year 5 Teacher
Miss R Kreuder Year 6 Teacher 
Mrs Bright Nursery Teacher
Mrs A-M Nunn SENCo
Mr A Capper  PE Teacher

Support Staff - EYFS

Mrs Clarke, Miss Mitchell, Miss M Philip & Miss Wright 

Support Staff - KS1

Mrs March, Miss Yeboah-Jackson

Support Staff KS2

Mrs Wilkes, Ms Hyde, Mrs Payne, Miss L Philip, Miss Bailey & Mrs Miccoli

Pupil Support

Mrs Osas, Mr Nixon, Miss Osborne, Mrs P Cox & Mrs Andrews

Office Team

School Secretary: Mrs Bishop - Finance Manager: Ms Staples  -  Admin Support: Mrs Macovei 

Ancillary Team

Site Manager: Mr Pritchard

Cleaners: Mrs March, Mrs Kirkman, Mrs Wood, Mrs Cox

Midday Assistants

Mrs Hodgetts, Ms Andrews, Mr Nixon, Mrs March, Mrs Osas

Miss Bailey, Miss Yeboah-Jackson, Miss Leslie, Mrs P Cox,  

Mrs L Nedelcu, Mrs H Imms & Miss B Neto

Local Governing Committee

Mrs S Yeboah-Jackson (Foundation)  Chair of Governors
Mrs S Bull (Foundation)  - Vice-Chair of Governors
Mrs N Oguledo (Foundation) Mrs J Shaw (Foundation)
Mrs L Nixon (Staff) Mrs T Harrod (Additional Governor)
Mrs N Kerin (Foundation) Miss A Odozi (Foundation)
Mrs Amegashitsi (Parent)