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We saw the beautiful art work. It was obvious that a lot of time and effort went in, and we must commend the work done by the teachers and school management. It was a taste of Tate Modern in Tilbury. Year 1 & 3 Parent.

Comment from Elite Dental Practice following the children's recent visit for a dental check- 'the children were all very well-behaved and polite, they are a credit to the school'

Thank you so very much for the stationery pack. God bless you all for all you are doing. Thank you once again. 
Year 6 Parent - Stationery Packs

We thought Christmas had entered the household, my child loves his stationery pack and the reason he can write his spellings neater, is because it’s a school pencil. This couldn’t have come a better time for him as it has been a bit of a low week for him mainly missing his friends. Thank you for the very kind gift and stay safe.
Year 3 parent - Stationery Packs

Oh my goodness this is so helpful thank you so much for the stationery packs, as we don’t have a printer this will make things so much easier. as we as a family can fully appreciate the cost of this! 
Year Reception parent - Stationery Packs

Thank you so much for all the school work you have sent to my daughter. We sincerely do appreciate. Please extend our gratitude to her teacher for her support.
Parent Comment 

We as a family would like to let you know that we are very grateful for all the hard work that goes in to the live lessons, this has made homeschooling so much easier for us. 
You and your staff have done amazing work not just for this lock down but also the first lock down. 
Many thanks - Parent comment

Our child's English language is progressing fast, so thank you so much for your hard work. Our son is really happy and comfortable in nursery. 
Nursery parent (commenting on pupils progress)

We are happy with the progress. My child is growing to become more independent and learning very fast too, learning colours, reading and counting. My child teaches her younger sibling the nursery rhymes learnt at nursery, She is more attentive and offers to help me.  
Nursery Parent (commenting on pupils Autumn Term Report

I just wanted as a parent to say, have a wonderful holiday and break and we can’t wait to return in September.  Please could you pass on my thanks to Miss B for her letters to my child and also all the work she did with him. Thank Miss N for the letter welcoming my son to her class I am sure she will continue to bring out the best in him. Thank you to Mrs B for all the correspondence and newsletters it is still really lovely to read keeping us connected with the school.  Thank you to Mrs J for all her hard work it is not easy and I know you have probably had many a sleepless night trying to organise how we can get everyone back safely. 
Please thank all the support staff cleaners, dinners ladies etc for their hard work too this year.
I want to finish by saying I was blown away by the work the year 6 students did on Racism. I really hope they get recognised by CBBC and if anyone can change the world and people’s attitudes it will be them. God Bless you all
Year 6 Parent (commenting on school communication during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

"As a parent I was very glad that my child could not only experience but be a part of Young Voices. My child came home in awe of how amazing and breathtaking it was. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to perform around so many people. I am really looking forward to my younger child's performance in few years time. My eldest child cannot wait to go there again!"
Year 6 Parent

"Thank you for a beautiful reconciliation service today. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of Christmas and making sure that everything is perfect, but today Mrs Jones, Mrs Bishop, Miss Read and Miss North did a beautiful job reminding us all of what Christmas is really about. The children as always were impeccably behaved and are a real credit to us all especially the little nursery children who sat so quietly and listened to everything that was going on.  I found the service very moving and a perfect way to start the day". 
S Bull, School Governor

Thank you all for your dedication hard work and support to everyone both children and parents "Thank you for the beautiful experience we had at your school"  

Reception Parent

"All the children are well behaved and polite. It is such a lovely school"- NHS SW Immunisation Team "M is happy and enjoys school every day. I am thankful to all the teachers that have made this term a wonderful one"
(Year 2 Parent) 

"I would like to say a massive thank you for giving our children an opportunity to learn the ukulele.  My son is absolutely loving it".
Year 3 parent

"my child  has showed a lot of improvement and is gaining his self-esteem.  Excellent teaching and support given"
Year 1 Parent)

"I enjoyed the children's beautiful singing at Mass today"
Fr Paul

"absolutely delighted with my child's progress" - several times!
Parent comment following Parents Evening

"I cannot believe that my child is reading at aged 4!
Reception parent

" so pleased and proud with how well she is doing with her learning - thank you to her teachers for all of their efforts."
Reception Parent

" My children are so happy in this school and I am so pleased that my children have the St Mary's staff as their teachers."
Year 2 & Nursery parent

" My son has changed completely  he now loves learning and can not wait to come to school."
Year 2 parent