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Walk down memory lane

Class from 1956-57 Class from 1957
Class from 1954 Class from 1951
Class from 1952 Class from 1955-1956
Class from 1949 Class from 1949
Football team from the 1980s Football team from the 1970s
Pat Bolger plaque presented September 2000 Pupils from 1974-1975

Football Team 1959-1960

School pupil showing school pals his boxing trophy1962.
Netball Team of 1978 Class of 1979
Class of 2000 Building the Church 1906
Crowning of Mary in the 90s

School Trip to Barry Island

School's 100 Year Anniversary (1987)

Pupils from the 60s

Netball Team of 1980

Football Team of 1962

First Communion Group
with Original Altar in
Our Lady Star of the Sea Church

Football Team of 1974


Class of 1949

Netball Team 1976

Secondary School Pupils

Class of 1956-1957

2009 Boxes for Soldiers 

Class of 1948 - 1949

First Communion 1984


Dance Festival 1980
School School Playground

School Log Book
11th July 1939 - Reference to
"in the event of outbreak of war"
28th August 1939 - Staff recalled
for registration of Evacuees