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Student Council

Our Student Representative Council of St Mary's Catholic Primary School meet every half term, but our Representatives are all happy to meet earlier if there are important issues to discuss.

Two children from each class are elected by their peers to represent their class on the Student Council.  The class have to carefully consider which person they think has the right skills and commitment for the job before they elect them.  All of the student councillors are very proud of their school and are keen to take action to make sure that pupil voice is heard.

Essentially, each child at St Mary's is member of the Student Council.  Through the Representatives we can hear what all children think and respond to ideas, thoughts or worries from across the whole school.

Student councillors take whole school issues and ideas from their own class councils and feed them into the Student Council. They also share ideas and decisions from Student Council with their class. Decisions made within Student Council can, and do, have a real impact on the rest of the school.

It is a caring, responsive space where the children can voice their opinions and they can say what they want and hope for within their school.  It is a privilege for the Student Council to represent their peers and they are working together to ensure that all representatives and children in school feel listened to.