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School Mission Statement and Aims


Respect Ourselves, Respect Others, Respect our World, Love God

St. Mary's is a Catholic School which endeavours to develop and support the individual needs and talents of all members of its community and enables them to learn and live through faith and education.

The school aims are:-


To integrate each child's holistic, development through a balanced and creative curriculum which sees God as the centre of the
learning process.



To ensure that we lead our children to a greater understanding of the Catholic Faith.  Through worship and the development of spirituality and community life, we aim to enable the children to appreciate and respect themselves, their world and the beliefs and cultures of others.


To provide a curriculum that will develop the full potential of each person and educate the whole child in an environment, which encourages growth in self confidence and the acquisition of skills, attitudes and values.


To acknowledge that we are commanded to love God, love one another and to respect ourselves and other people by encouraging the development of meaningful relationships in our school.

(e) To share our aims and beliefs with our children through the
"St. Mary's Way".