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Religious Education and RSHE

What is Religious Education?

Religious Education (R.E.) is special learning about God and the Church.  In R.E., we learn about Jesus, how he lived and how we can be more like him - when we show kindness and respect.  We learn about the Church, for example, about Baptism and how to make the sign of the cross with our right hand. When we go to church, sometimes Father Anthony teaches us, and we learn about the different parts of our church.

Our learning in R.E. is very important as it helps us with everything; sometimes we write, sometimes we draw and paint, sometimes we listen to music and sing, and sometimes we use drama to show our learning.   The lessons are special as our teachers light the candles, say prayers and it feels very different. 

We learn about other religions too; this helps us to know more and to be respectful to everyone we meet. 

Daniella, Darasimi, Eric and Marisa Year 1
Alexia, Atif and Ruby - Year 3

We use  “Come and See” which is taught through the process of Explore, Reveal, Respond. This takes account of “what to believe entails”: the human search for meaning, God’s initiative in Revelation and the individual’s response in faith.

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What is R.S.H.E.?

R.S.H.E. is when we learn about relationships and living and working together to be the best people we can be.  At the heart of R.S.H.E. is the information that we were created by God, we are His children and how we can connect with Him. This is really important for us to remember. 

R.S.H.E. teaches us not to hide our feelings, to be calm and to respect others and their well-being as well as our own.   It reminds us to not be afraid to ask for help.   The resources we use are relatable and right for our age group, the stories are good and the music is calming.   During our lessons we can share our feelings with our friends, our teachers and God. 

David, Dorinda, Samuel and Sienna Year 6

We use the Ten:Ten resources to support our RSHE learning and teaching.  

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