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Religious Education

At St. Mary’s we place great emphasis on our Religious Education (RE) programme as the central strand running through the life of our school.
We aim to:
• Foster in each child a loving and trusting relationship with God and with Jesus  through the actions of the Holy Spirit.
• Bring each child to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the religious and spiritual dimensions of life.
• Bring each child to a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith and its relevance to everyday life.
• Deepen each child’s personal faith, commitment and sense of awe and wonder.
• Encourage respect for the beliefs and feelings of others, including those of other faiths.

The Religious Education Scheme we follow is “Come and See”. Religious Education is taught through the process of Explore, Reveal, Respond. This takes account of “what to believe entails”: the human search for meaning, God’s initiative in Revelation and the individual’s response in faith.

In addition to this other world religions are taught fostering an understanding of other faiths and beliefs as well as tolerance and an acceptance of all people.