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News from Pope Francis

Laudato Deum - Praise God

Laudate Deum is an urgent call to tackle the climate crisis, recognising that time is running out. And irreversible damage has already been done.   In this letter Pope Francis states that the climate crisis is real and cannot be denied. It is caused by human activity.   Pope Francis is clear that we all have a role to play, pressurising the sources of power and demanding change. He calls us all to be involved and particularly urges that COP28, the next round of important UN negotiations on climate change, needs to be a historic event, with binding forms of energy transition. For the sake of the future of our children we must take action.

Laudato Si - "Praised Be"

Laudato Si is a letter from Pope Francis calling us to care for the Earth - our Common Home.  At St Mary's we have been putting our faith into action by living simply, praying for our world and by raising awareness of the need to tackle climate change.   Please see the photo gallery to see some of our learning.  

Laudato Si’ – St. John – St. Paul Catholic Collaborative

More information about Laudato Si can be found here. 


Fratelli Tutti - “All brothers and sisters” 

Fratelli Tutti is a letter from Pope Francis to us all calling for the creation of a new kind of solidarity to tackle the crises the world is currently facing. Pope Francis calls on us all to play our part in building peace, and to focus on becoming a neighbour to others – in particular to welcome migrants, and to resist racism, prejudice and discrimination. 

Fratelli Tutti – Everyone is Connected: Brothers and Sisters, All ...

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