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Faith Council

The Faith Council consists of two children from Year 2 to Year 6 who assist the Headteacher in all religious matters in the school, including whole school assemblies, key stage assemblies, Masses and services. In January of each year members of the Faith Council are inducted at a special Mass presided over by the Parish Priest in which they make their Faith Council promise which is:

The Faith Council promise

As members of the Faith Council we promise that we will always do our best;

To serve God
To show reverence when praying
To show kindness and respect to others
To care for others in our school community
To do what is right even when it may be difficult
We pray that we will keep the St Mary’s Way in all that we do and say


To be selected as a Faith Councillor children have to formally apply for the role taking into account this job description. Successful candidates are then given the role.

Faith Council Job Description

Faith Councillors will:

1. Assist with RE assemblies
2. Assist with religious displays
3. Assist with charity events
4. Assist with preparing Prayer services, Masses, Advent service, Christmas Carol Service etc.
5. Promote the Catholic ethos and profile throughout the school community.
6. Be approachable, providing support and guidance to students at all levels in the school, thereby fostering a sense of community within the school.
7.  Attend Faith Council meetings and training sessions.
8. Represent the views of their class and communicate information to their class about matters relating to school prayer life