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Collective Worship - Prayer and Liturgy

What is Collective Worship? 

Collective Worship is when we pray altogether. Sometimes we pray by ourselves, but when we pray together, the prayers are super powerful because God hears all our voices together.   Prayers are very important because we talk to God and when we talk to God it helps us to remember that God is in our lives and helps us to have a good day. 

We worship in church when we go to Mass, in the chapel, in our classrooms and in the hall.   We listen to the gospel, sing hymns and pray.   When we pray, we pray for peace and kindness, for people who are unwell and for people who have died.  We also pray for people who are poor or who are in trouble.  We know that God will help them and look after them. 

Prayer can happen in lots of ways: words, actions, singing and when we're silent. God loves all of the prayers. 

Amarise, Artur, Eva-Nicole and Lesedi Year 2

Our Collective Worship policy can be found here.

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