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Catholic Life and Mission

 What is Catholic Life and Mission?

Our Catholic life and mission is the way we live our lives as a group of Catholic and Christian people.  We are God's representatives on earth, so we must be kind, respectful and share what we have. 

An important part of our Catholic life is how we worship God and give Him thanks.  Our regular daily prayers, attending Mass with Father Anthony and the prayers in our hearts help us to do this. 

When we try to be like Jesus we must share with others.  Sometimes we have more than we need; we try to donate and give to those who aren't as lucky as we are.  

Looking after our world is important as it's the only one we'll have.  This is part of God's Mission for us and we try to make sure we turn off the lights, pick up litter and recycle as much as possible. 

Godadom, Liepa, Patricia and Tomiwa Year 5

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