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Summer Term 2 work

Dear Children, 
You have no idea how much I’m missing you all! Every day I pray and think of you, hoping you are staying healthy and happy 😊 I can’t wait to see all your cheeky smiles and give you a big hug! I am sending you homework to do at home; please do as much as you can to not stop the learning. I am sure you all are listening to your parents and being super good! Please keep all the work you do so you can show it to me when we see each other. Do not forget to pray for your friends and ask God to be able to see each other soon. Love you.
Dear Parents, 
I want to appreciate your hard work at this time with your children, I bet some days are more challenging than others. But I’m sure you are doing better than you think! I wish I could help you more but let’s pray that better times will come soon! I am sending you a timetable for the next two weeks based mostly in Phonics, Maths and Literacy; hopefully it is easy to follow.  Praying for each of you. God bless you all and keep safe please. 
                                                                                    Miss Noemi Luna Rami

From Lisa and Clair: “Hello boys and girls, I hope you are all fine and have been having fun each day. Please make sure you are listening to mummy and daddy and doing your very best each day. Wake up and smile each day and we will all see each other soon. Lots of love, xxx.”