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Pre Easter Work

Year 2  Life without Mrs Nixon!

Check out the 30 day Lego challenge on the next few pages. Along with the challenge you can complete different activities to go along with it.  Maybe write a story about what you have made, write instructions on how to build it, make a tally chart on the different colours you have used, draw a picture of your model or write a diary entry about your day.

There are lots of different activities to keep you entertained below.  

On our web page you will find lots of SATS actives to complete.

Last week we completed the 2018 paper maybe have another go at completing the tests and see if you can beat your scores.


 Write a diary entry from one of the disciples who attended thlast supper.  Think about feelings, who else was there, what happened, what did Jesus say and who said and did what?

Write a letter to The Pope asking him to bless our school.


 Draw me a picture of what you can see from your bedroom window.

 Make a 3D model of anything you like, it could be me or you or a car you decide.  

Family time

Play board games with your whole family, do some cooking and take pictures or set up a role play area where everyone can join in.

I would love to see your photos.  See you all really soon. Mrs Nixon.