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Pre Easter Work

Week beg 23.4.20

English Reading

Read your reading book – try to use different voices for your characters.

Visit the library (if you can!) and try to find some books about transport- both fiction and non-fiction.  What can you find out?



Please focus on phases 2 and 3 + tricky words

Please focus on “fun with words”

Please focus on phase 2 games and phase 3 games


English Writing

Write a simple sentence explaining what you had for breakfast.  Use your phonics.

Write some simple sentences that explains how to plant a seed and how to look after it. 

Write a list of your favourite toys – use your phonics!

Have a go at writing the story of Oi Get off our Train!  



We are learning to recognise 1p, 2p 5p and 10p coins and understand their worth.

Choose a coin and make a drawing or painting of one side or make rubbings of different coins.

Use your toys to set up a shop where everything costs 2p, 3p, 5p, 6p or 10p, 11pWith your coins discuss which things you can buy and which coins you can use to pay. 

Watch the Great Pet Sale – which pets could you buy with your coins?  

Roll a dice and collect that number of pennies. When you have 10 or more, they change 10 pennies for a 10p coin. The 1st to have three 10p coins is winner. Rpt, this time changing five pennies for a 5p coin.

Place two each of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins in a bag and lots of pennies in tray. Take it in turns to take out a coin without looking into the bag. Say how many pennies it is worth and take this number of pennies from the tray. If correct they keep the pennies. Continue until there are no coins left in the bag. Who has most pennies?

Have a dance to the supermovers money episode!


Have a go at making a form transport with a cardbox box?  

How long can you keep a bubble on your hand?  Is there any way you can stop it from popping?!

Keep your cress plant alive!! Watch it grow – what changes can you see?


Use the children’s version of Luke 2 51-52 (please see the uploaded version!) and then draw a picture of how Jesus grows in love.  Have a go at writing a sentence to explain what is happening in your picture. 

Make a Lenten promise card showing how you want to grow in love like Jesus.

And then….

Complete at least 4 days of your lego challenge – if you don’t have lego use any form of construction! 

Have a go at some cooking – you could make some Easter nest cakes, flapjacks or brownies.

Draw me a picture of what you can see from your window.

Write me a letter – I will write back!!