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Pre Easter Work

Dear parents,

Below you will find instructions on how to access online resources for all subjects for your child.

There is enough work for the two additional two weeks we are off before the Easter holiday actually starts.

Your child can complete whatever they like and it isn’t compulsory for them to complete it all.

Please also have a look at the useful websites in the year 5 area on the school website where there are even more activities for your child to access.

English: Writing

This is an excellent website that shows children a different image each day with writing activities for them to do linked to the image. I would advise your child to have a go at completing the activities called story starter or sentence challenge.

Maths and English including reading and writing

On the homepage click on free home learning packs

Scroll down and choose year 5 pack.

The folder will then have 4 PDF’s. Click on the PDF that is named year 5 home learning pack. This will allow your child to access a wide range.

There is another PDF named year 5 home learning pack guidance and answers which provides all the answers for the activities if you or your child would like to mark their work.

It is advised that you allow your child to spread these activities out throughout the two weeks.

Each task is based on ability, so please allow you child to pick their appropriate ability. They are split up into developing, expected and greater depth.


Our next topic when we come back from the Easter holidays is The Solar System.

TASK: Create a model of the solar system and write down facts for each planet.

Think about the size of the planets in relation to the sun.

RE- Lent and Easter

TASK: 1. Create a Palm Sunday acrostic poem

            2.Which one is more important to Christians? Christmas or Easter? Write a balanced argument and express your view at the end.

             3. Judas was the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Write a diary entry from Judas’s point of view about what he did and how he felt.

Practical Ideas

  1. Write a letter to someone you admire. What could you ask them?

  1. Estimate the area and  perimeter of different rooms in your home.


Other useful websites:

click on the myths and legend shed

  •     watch The Hobbit- an unexpected journey

  •     Choose one of the writing tasks that are underneath

         Type in hit the button- an excellent game to practice times tables and division